2020 Sep

號外City Magazine/ 身體軌跡與時間之蝕 劉清華 / text by Samwai Lam

2020 Apr

別字/ 【京都駐留筆記】步行電影院:飛翔的氣球 / text by Jess Lau

2017 Sep

COBO Social/ Has-been-there – A New Generation of HK Artists / text by Yang Yeung


2016 Sep
East-contemporary/ Floating Projects: Jess Lau & Kinchoi Lam “Recurrence”/ text by EC

2014 Nov

AICAHK/ Two animations from two graduation shows: Jess Lau Ching Wa’s 'The Fading Piece' 

and Wayne Wong Wing Chun’s 'Koon Tong Chronicle'/ text by Yang YEUNG

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